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Meet our incredibly talented team

Daneen Fox

Owner & head Agility Instructor

Daneen Fox trains all levels and all breeds for agility. She excels in getting and maintaining drive in dogs of all sizes. Daneen competes successfully on a local, national and world level in agility.

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Michelle Doram

Scent Work Instructor - All Levels

Michelle Doram has been working with dogs professionally since 2001 but a main focus of her life since her first German Shepherd Dog at age 13. As part of a Puppy Raiser family for guide dogs, she has been immersed in dog activities most of her life.



She began Nose Work classes with her spaniel mix puppy in 2010, and has continued playing the game with four other dogs since. Each dog has brought her new learning and appreciation for the sport.

Michelle particularly enjoys helping develop the unique bond between dog and handler that Scent Work creates,

and helping the handlers learn more about their dog’s working style. Michelle has been a Certified Nose Work Ins

tructor since 2013.

Her favorite focus for training is foundation skill reinforcement for dogs of all levels, as well as trial prep.


Michelle became a Cheif Search Designer for USCSS in 2016 and an AKC judge in 2017.

Her own dogs have achieved various title levels: Nate, a tricolor Collie mix, earned his NW3 Elite in 2015 with High In Trial on his final NW3, then ELT1 in two trials in 2017 ; Cedar, a sable Rough Collie, was among the first of 3 purebred Collies to earn an NW3 title in 2016, with a pronounced designation and  Second Place overall; Clover, a  tri headed white rough collie, earned her NW2 title in 2016 with a pronounced designation and second place overall.; Kacie, a Brittany Spaniel mix, earned her NW1 title with Second Place overall in 2012, Burdock, a sable Collie, joined the family in the summer of 2018 as a puppy and loves to play the game!




Michelle Doram, CNWI

AKC Scent Work Judge


Jinny Chow

Obedience/Rally & CGC Trainer and Tester

Jinny Chow has been actively training and competing in both Rally and Obedience for the last six years, and has been involved with training both her own dogs and other people’s dogs for more than 20 years. She has earned Rally titles with several dogs, including a RAE with her Sheltie Jasmine. Jinny has been involved with pet therapy for more than 5 years. She is an evaluator for Pet Partners and all three of her dogs are certified therapy dogs.

Michael McManus CAPE, CNWI, CATT, Head trainer/Applied Ethologist

Update: We are so very grateful to have started our Scent Work journey with Michael and Natalie.

We wish them the very best on their new adventures. They will be coming back to ADS regularly to offer private lessons, workshops etc. They also have online training.


Michael McManus (Certified in Applied Pet Ethology, Certified Nose Work Instructor and Certified American Treibball Trainer) has been working with dogs for 8 years focusing on K9 Nose Work®, Treibball and Herding. His dog Lumi has done well in Nose Work coming in 1st place at their second NW1 and earning numerous placements in elements. They are now competing towards their NW3 Elite Title, and he was among the first to title dogs not owned by himself in Nose Work. Michael also attended the first Treibball Training Academy at the American Treibball Association Head Quarters in Colorado and has been teaching clinics and classes successfully since then. He is on a continuous path of learning and has studied with some of the best in the field of behavior and training including, Dr. Roger Abrantes, Dr. Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson, Penny Scott-Fox, Scott Glen, Janna Duncan and others.Michael McManus is also an Official Mentor for the Catch Canine Trainers Academy.

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Julie Sandoval

Barn Hunt, Pre Agility

Julie started working with dogs at the age of eleven and has never looked back. She breeds Papillons, Dalmatians and Collies and Competes in Nose Work, Rally, Barn Hunt, Conformation and Agility. 

Louise Brady

Conformation Handling Classes


Dianna L. Santos, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, ANWI, ATDI

UPDATE: While we were truly blessed to have Dianna be a part of the Action Dog Sports team we wish her much success at her new endeavors. and

Thank you Dianna for all you have done for Action Dog Sports!


Dianna has been professionally training dogs since 2011, specializing in helping those dogs who present with fear, timidity, reactivity or aggression.  Dianna has taught a variety of classes including Puppy Kindergarten, Family Dog, Control Unleashed, Barn Hunt, Nose Work, Loose Leash Walking Workshops, Puppy Agility, Rapid Recall and Tricks to name a few.  As an instructor, Dianna’s goal is to help the dog succeed with the use of positive reinforcement and reward-based training.  Dianna also works with clients and dogs individually through her dog training business, Dianna Santos Dog Training.  Dianna is owned by a young, athletic and ridiculous happy Doberman, Valor, who is currently competing in Barn Hunt and Nose Work and training in Agility, Herding and Rally Obedience.

Natalie McManus CNWI, AKC & USCSS CSD & Judge

Update: We are so very grateful to have started our Scent Work journey with Michael and Natalie.

We wish them the very best on their new adventures. They will be coming back to ADS regularly to offer private lessons, workshops etc. They also have online training.


Natalie McManus is an Associate Nose Work Instructor with the National Association of Canine Scent Work. She began taking K9 Nose Work classes in the summer of 2009 and it quickly became her favorite dog activity. It teaches dogs to go back to their roots as hunters. Dogs gain confidence as they learn a job that is based entirely on their amazing scenting abilities. Natalie most enjoys watching the progress in fearful and reactive dogs, first seeing its benefits with two of her own. To date, Natalie has titled an Aussie Mix, Border Collie (2nd ever with an NW3), Pomeranian (1st ever with an NW1), and Belgian Malinois. Natalie is an approved NACSW Score Room Lead, has over 250 volunteer hours, and has co-hosted 6 nose work trials.


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