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Barn Hunt ~ Classes, Trials, Seminars & Rat Tastic Con 

Barn Hunt


Barn Hunt is very popular newer dog sport that is rapidly spreading across the country!  The premise is fairly simple: dogs must navigate a hay maze in order to locate a real rat that is safely contained inside a PVC tube.  As dogs climb up the levels of competition, they must find more rats, ignore more decoy tubes (empty or filled with rat litter) and complete more complicated climbs and tunnels with an increased number of twists and turns.  To say that dogs love this sport is an understatement and the joy they exude is contagious.  All the rats are kept as personal pets and are well taken care before, during and after all classes and competitions; their safety and well-being is paramount.

We offer  Barn Hunt classes and competitions. 

Please refer to the calendar on this site to find the classes and trials.

Note on Classes : The class starts at 4:00 and goes to 6:30. 
Come to class and arrive  when you can, you don't have to be here the entire time. Every dog gets 3 turns. 
Drop-ins are ALWAYS welcome and this class is open to ALL levels. $20/dog
Bring a flat collar or harness and a 6 foot leash and LOTS of HIGH value treats.


Barn Hunt Classes

Barn Hunt Classes Intro - Advanced

Barn Hunt Ass.

Barn Hunt Trials

Barn Hunt Fun Runs

Fun Day Pay and Play Barn Hunting Check Calendar for Fun Day Dates

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Barn Hunt Class Description 


We welcome all levels of dogs and handlers to our Barn Hunt classes.  This includes those dogs and handlers who have never stepped inside a ring to the pair who is working on their RATCH.  All dog and handler teams will have a total of three runs in the ring with individualized instruction.  For Novice teams, we will introduce the dog to the tube, the concept of going through a tunnel, climbing up on the bale, ignoring decoy tubes and hunting for multiple rats.  The handler will also receive tips on how moving around the course efficiently and reading their dog to determine if when they are hunting or have located the rat.  For experienced teams we will set up the hides at or above the level they are competing.  Tips will be provided on how to better navigate the course, shorten overall ring time, build drive and clear indications as well as master the ever elusive tunnel.  Whether you are looking for something fun to do with your dog or want to hone your skills for that next title ribbon, this class is for you.


Class price is $20.00

Drop ins are always welcome.

Bring high value treats, a flat collar and leash, water and a crate. Most classes dogs are crated near or in their cars between runs.

Instructor : Julie Sandoval


Please Check Calendar for classes and times
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