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Obedience Classes

This beginning level obedience class is great if you want a better behaved dog if you are planning to compete, or if you have done some obedience training with your dog in the past and are looking for a refresher.  Using positive training methods, you will learn to use a clicker or marker word to facilitate training, and to incorporate play into your training sessions.  We will learn to teach our dogs sit, down, come and stay, teach our dogs to give us attention when we ask for it, and to teach them to heel or walk nicely on a leash.


What to bring to class:

Dogs should be wearing a buckle or martingale collar.  No pinch collars.

A 6’ leash (no flexi leashes)

Plenty of small, soft treats

A bait bag is helpful

A favorite toy if your dog is toy driven

A crate or ex-pen (dogs will be given “down time” when they are not actually working).



Please check Calendar for dates and times
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