Mondays 6:45 pm ~ Michael McManus
Fridays 6:45pm ~ Dianna Santos

Intermediate Nose Work Class

  • Now that you and your dog are hooked on Nose Work, it is time to take the game to the next level!  This class is for ongoing nose work students who are on odor and working on patterns and problem solving. Your dog will be introduced to hunting specific odors in containers, exteriors and on a vehicle.  Dogs will be posed with increasingly difficult odor problems and you will be given the skills to help them fully navigate a search area without getting in the way. Dogs of any age, breed and physical limitation (blind, deaf, cart-users) are welcome to participate.  We request those dogs who are aggressive toward people not attend these classes.  We will be happy to work with these dogs privately.   All dogs will be expected to stay in their vehicle or crate in between their individual run.  Take your Nose Work game to the next level and sign up today!