Mondays 5:30 pm ~ Michael McManus
Fridays 5:30pm ~ Dianna Santos

Beginning Nose Work / Intro To Nose Work


  • Beginner Nose Work  
    In this 5 week course we go through the foundations of nose work. We start by teaching your dog to hunt for their reward, food or toy. Then when they are hunting independently and enthusiastically we introduce them to odor. Handlers will learn how odor works, moves and how to better read their dog’s body language to determine when their dog is crittering, hunting, in odor and at source.  There are many advantages to Nose Work: it will tucker out your dog mentally AND physically, taps into a innate ability and is really easy and economical to practice at home.  Dogs of any age, breed and physical limitation (blind, deaf, cart-users) are welcome to participate.  We request those dogs who are aggressive toward people not attend these classes.  We will be happy to work with these dogs privately.   All dogs will be expected to stay in their vehicle or crate in between their individual turns.