Instructor : Daneen Fox
Thursdays : 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Advanced Weave Pole Class

  • Advanced Weave Pole Skills Class 
    Weave poles can the bane of your Agility-related existence or they can be an exercise that your dog loves to perform and excel at.  With our unique, positive and successful training approach, we will teach the dogs how to enter the weave poles from any angle, regardless of where the handler may be positioned. All skills related to weave poles are taught. Tough entries, front crosses into and out of the weaves, rear crosses, lateral distance, dog weaving ahead or handler being ahead, etc…. Imagine being able to plan your course without having to be lined up directly next to the weaves!  Think of the possibilities such a skill would award you.  The key is teaching the dog their job, giving them an opportunity to think and rewarding them properly for a job well done.  Want solid weave poles from your dog?  If your dog has started in Agility previously, schedule an one-on-one evaluation session with Daneen Fox to see if this is the class for you.