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Masher the Papillon doing the A Frame in agility

Upcoming events

Ella ~ A Dalmatian running the Dog Walk in Agility
Dreamy ~ A Dalmatian striking a pose at a conformation show
Breaker - An Anatolian Shepherd doing a vehicle search in a Nose Work Class

Welcome to Action Dog Sports - Making a difference through attitude, education, and common sense !!!


We are an all-breed club that promotes responsible dog ownership and charitable donations to local dog-related charities through various dog events that we organize. So the lucky dogs can go and play at an Action Dog Sports event and raise money to help the not-so-lucky dogs!


We offer various dog training classes in Moorpark, CA such as Agility, Obedience and rally, Barn Hunt,  Puppy Manners, Scent Work, Conformation, Fast Cat & Dash Dogs as well as hold conformation shows, agility trials, obedience and rally trials, health clinics, and host seminars and dog-related educational workshops. Our Agility trainers are gifted and talented instructors and while they compete on local, national, and world levels they will help you work towards achieving your goals... no matter how small or big and they will make sure that both you and your dog are having fun along the way.


Our beautiful and secluded training facility is a dog training and event haven... we are 100% focused on dogs!


Take a look around and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about agility, dog training classes, seminars, trials, shows or any other aspect of Action Dog Sports

Action Dog Sports Fun Days -

We do our best to hold a Fun Day one Saturday or Sunday a month. At these Fun Days, we have many of the sports available to practice or try out. Each month's Fun Day flyer will list the sports and activities available that month. Tickets are $5/run. 

Scent Work and Barn Hunt usually always have intro instructions available.

Check the Action Dog Sports Calendar for dates.


We also host Trials, clinics, and seminars - Agility, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, FAST CAT, Dash Dogs,  Rally & Tracking

A couple of important notes:

****** The speed limit on any Stone Pony/Action Dog Sports property is 2 mph. This will be strictly reinforced. ******

1)The best way to reach us is

Facebook Messenger: Julie Sandoval


Phone: 818-399-6778

2)Please check the ADS Calendar before you head out to a class, in case we have to cancel a class we update the calendar as soon as we know. We also post to FB and our new email list but it is a good habit to check the calendar. ACTION DOG SPORTS CALENDAR

3)We are inside of Nozaki Nursery at the end of Broadway Rd.

Once you enter the gate, veer to your right, and then at the cone, make a right, go down the long dirt driveway and you will see Stone Pony Ranch.


Sign up HERE to our email list today

4)We are switching to an email list to communicate announcements, updates, and information about all Action Dog Sports classes and events


Agility Trials - Weekday Wing Ding Agility Trials - Smaller - Friendlier- Funner

You can find information on upcoming WWDAT Agility trials, premiums, results, and links for photos from past trials at

Scent Work Trials - USCSS & AKC Scent Work Trials

Fast Cat Tests & Dash Dogs Trials-  2022 tests dates are posted and are adding more tests in 2022-2023 

For more information on the exciting new Dash Dogs organization (similar to AKC's Fast Cat) visit

You can find a list and information on all of our upcoming scent work trials as well as results, links to videos photos and premiums at

We hope to see you and your dog enjoying one of our fun classes or events!!

Thank you

Julie & Daneen

Action Dog Sports

Making a difference through attitude, education, and common sense!!!

So CA Upcoming Dog events

So CA Upcoming Dog events



Weekday Wing Ding Agility Trials

AKC Scent Work Club & Trials (3)

AKC Scent Work Club & Trials (3)

Greater Los Angeles Scent Work Club

Action Dog Sports Wear

Action Dog Sports Wear

Action Dog Sports T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts Sizes S-5XL Visa, MC, AM EX & PayPal Accepted

NEW Puppy/Beg. Agility Class

NEW Puppy/Beg. Agility Class

New class starting soon !

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